21 Years Later, The Documentary “Souls Of Genocide” Will Show The Atrocities Of Rwanda War

The documentary “Souls of Genocide”; Healing Wound Hurts, but Living with Wounds Hurts More will take the reader through the actual experiences of the Rwanda war of 1994 and how it affected the three brothers Emile, Kizito, and Joseph who lived the massacre and ultimately started their journey towards healing.

The three brothers survived the Rwandan genocide which left psychological scars on their mind and memories that still haunt them. They moved through multiple refugee camps, homeless, for four long years before finally moving to Canada to their sister and starting a new life but the affects of the war still remained with them.

Throughout spending their life in Montreal, Canada, the brothers faced many setbacks in life due to the brutal memories of the their childhood but somehow, they all kept themselves strong and now wish to go back to their family and friends who have survived the war.

The brothers have entered into their adulthood and finally gathered the courage to go back to their home country which might bring a lot of memory flashes back including the cruel scene of the genocide.

Emile now is a family man with two children and after going through a rehab for alcoholism he wishes to start his life afresh in a better way. Joseph, has lived in Toronto since 2003, and at 30, he has become a chef while Kizito recently graduated from Centennial College’s Entrepreneurship Program as an Independent Film Producer and he is also a graduate from International Academy of Design and Technology/Toronto Film School with Film and TV Production Diploma.

The documentary is one dream project of the three brothers which will show the journey of their life, starting from facing the cruel incident, trying to overcome it, walking away from it to another country but still being haunted by the sadistic memories and then going through the healing process.

Through this documentary, they hope to positively affect thousands of others who might have suffered the similar incident andare able to connect with the journey of these three brothers which will ultimately lead them to the path of healing.

After 21 years, the brothers will be travelling back to their home country and the film crew will capture all the emotions in the documentary “Souls of Genocide – Home Again” making it a one physical, mental and spiritual journey for all involved in this. The team hopes to raise $95000 for their project on Indiegogo. If not contribute, people can simply share the project on social media.


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