Pioneering Airwheel intelligent 2 Wheeled Self-balancing Scooter S3

The launching of Airwheel S5 has caused stir in the intelligent self-balancing scooter market. But S5 is not the first product in the S series. In fact, S3 is the epoch-making product in the Airwheel family. Differentiated from traditional commuting vehicle, S3 has laid the basis for the two-wheeled electric self-balancing scooter.

Airwheel intelligent S3 is painted with white and blue which appears elegant and high-end. White and blue colors are popular among young people and could demonstrate their vitality. The selection of metallic materials adds scientific feature to the product. Anyone who sees S3 for the first time would be shocked by its fashionable style and sleek contour design. 

As for the components of the device, the intelligent scooter S3 is simply composed of a handle, a control lever, two large wheels and a standing board. Two headlights and a stoplight have been introduced to Airwheel S3, which makes riding at night safer. The two large wheel hubs reach as wide as 14 inches and have good trafficability and ground grip performance. Even encountered with bumpy roads or slopes, S3 could pass through gently without any difficulty. The large standing board with adequate space for two feet elevates the comfort level of riding. There is also a four-inch large display panel which could show the mileage, dump energy, and the temperature.

In addition, S3 is a genuine high-tech product. It is applied with a most recently-devised intelligent chip internationally. A gyroscope system is built in and the system applies an aerospace attitude control theory to keep the balance of the scooter in four directions, front, rear, left and right. This intelligent design has also improved the reaction speed and security performance. 

There is also an upgraded version of S3 for sale, S3T. As the first type of the S series, S3 appears high-end, but its price is quite affordable for the public majority. The electric scooter S3 is a cost-effective product in the market.

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