Contracted but not Simple Style of the Dynamic Airwheel Twin-wheeled Electric Scooter Q5

In modern times, the young generation always yearn for individuality. They prefer things with strong personal imprints and special traits. That may explain the popularity of intelligent self-balancing scooters. Airwheel intelligent twin-wheeled scooter Q5 with its distinctive features and energetic designs has become a popular type. In big cities, young people in groups riding the dazzling Q5 has been a beautiful scenery.

The main scooter body of Q5 is painted with white. On each side of the scooter, there are two silicone protection pads which are replaceable. Customers have the choice of two colors, sky blue or grass green. They could change the protection pads according to their own taste. The pure and refreshing colors are favored by those who tend to show off their individuality. Just by changing the protection pads, the device will be a new one. This is quite fascinating for scooter fans. 

The oval design of Q5 is also unique in the intelligent scooter market. The style is contracted but not simple. The Q-series has adopted the classic design all the time. It is delicate and quality, differentiated from other cheap products. There is a special design of foot brake to help the scooter to stay standing balance when the power is turned off. In this way, the vehicle will be parked as conveniently as bicycle. The standing pedals also differ from traditional ones. The pedals are larger than ordinary ones and thus riders have larger space to lay their feet.

Similar to all Airwheel products, electric twin-wheeled scooter Q5 has the function of over speed alert. The cool breath light is also introduced to the device, which improves the safety performance of riding at night. In addition, it is fancier to ride at night with the breath lights on. 

All these details manifest the craftsmanship and meticulousness of the designers. It is due to all these special designs which make Q5 stand out in the market.

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