Airwheel One Wheel Electric Scooter X8 Walks the Dog Easily

Some people raising large dogs may have such annoyance, the dogs are too big to pull, especially when they want to run. As a result, some masters just run after their dogs until masters are worn out. Others ride bicycle to walk the dog, however, the bicycle is not portable. The appearance of Airwheel X8 solves the problem.

Walking the dog is a usual phenomenon on the street. However, some dogs are large dogs which are strong and energetic. As a result, masters are hard to control their dogs and are worn out after walking the dog. Some people prefer bicycles to save the energy of themselves, while bicycle is too big to park. It is not portable for masters to take too. Airwheel X8, the self-balancing unicycle can be used for masters to walk the dog.

The 16-inch tyre made by Cheng Shin Tyre, the top ten tyre manufacturers in the world, enables the electric unicycle to be ridden on any road, such as wide road, narrow path or gravel road. The tyre of large size improves the safety of Airwheel Q5 since riders can ride the electric unicycle steadily without the danger of turnover. Masters can walk their large dogs to where they want to go easily. 

Airwheel Q5 also has the function of quick charging, it takes only 90 minutes to be fully charged. Riders do not worry about blackout on the half way of walking the dog. Taking a whole day to wait for the vehicle fully charged will not happen. Besides, the one-wheeled electric scooter is equipped with LED screen. The LED screen of large size can show riders the electric quantity, so it is easy for riders can know how much energy the battery keeps when glancing at the screen .

Some people puzzle whether their dogs will bite the self-balancing electric unicycle since large dogs may develop the habit of biting casually or whether the unicycle will be damaged easily since it is not made of metal material. The body of Airwheel X8 made of PC material is hard enough to resist the damage of dog biting. Besides, the material is also hard to prevent damage caused by sudden strike or minor accidents. 

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