Airwheel Twin Wheeled Electric Scooter Q5, Colorful Unicycle for Green Travel

The automobiles on the street are of several colours, most of them are of dull coloure such as black, white, gray, blue or red. Besides, the traffic jams hard to avoid at rush hour also troubles the drivers. Airwheel Q5, the colourful electric unicycle can enable riders travel without queuing up on the crowded road.

The colourful electric unicycle is the symbol of youth and energy, which caters for the appetites of the young nowadays. Airwheel Q5 is the unicycle with light green and blue two colours, which looks smart and youthful. The silicone protective pads of the body can be changed. That is to say, riders can decorate the electric unicycle as they wish, which stimulates the purchase since many young people prefer to decorate their vehicles, however, the car cannot be decorated or change colour casually. This is a critical selling point for Airwheel Q5 since most riders want to customize their vehicles.

The pedal of Airwheel Q5 is of the sharp of roundness in case of scratches. Riders will not hurt their ankles even under the circumstances that the one-wheel electric unicycle inclines due to the emergency. The round pedal also adds the contact area for riders, so they can stand on the pedal more stable and safety. Airwheel Q5 is also the firstelectric unicycleto equip with LED breath lights which is shiny at night and is cool to ride. 

Some people may wonder weather the self-balancing electric unicycle is electricity-intensive, so it takes a whole day to charge. The truth is on the contrary, the imported Sony lithium battery can be charged in a short time. The electric quantity can be 80% after a 80 minutes charging. 120 minutes are costed to charge Airwheel Q5 to get rid of the long -time charging.

To guarantee the safety of riders, Airwheel Q5 also sets up protective mechanism. The first is speed limitation. When the speed is up to 12km/h, the limitation will be activated. The speed will not be higher no matter how the rider change his posture. It also sets the protective mechanism preventing sudden turnover of the vehicle. The safety of riders can be improved greatly. 

Do not hesitate, owning an Airwheel Q5 can makes the travel colourful without the annoying traffic jam.

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