Airwheel X8 Intelligent Unicycle for sale: Innovation Breaks Normal Rules

Airwheel X8 electric self-balancing unicycle, as an early product of Airwheel, still impresses users while two new members have been brought to the market this June.

As is known to Airwheel self-balancing scooter fans, Airwheel chose to launch unicycle series first. So unicycles might be regarded as Airwheel’s predecessor products and a bold trial. Among unicycle series, i.e., X series, X8 is doubtlessly a breakthrough. 

X8 inherits good traditions from all Airwheel series. Firstly, it achieves homeostasis through in-built chips, which integrates aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Users can manipulate their scooters to go forward, make turns or brake by simply changing the center of gravity. For example, if a user wants to stop when he/she gets a destination, a slight backward lean will make it.

Secondly, the single-wheeled scooter employs 130wh or 170wh imported Sony dynamic li-ion battery core, which, as nickel-cadmium battery, is three times of NI-MH battery and nearly double of lead battery in battery capacity. In addition, a lithium battery weighs approximately one fourth or third of a lead battery and can cycle for 1000~3000 times. With good low-temperature performance, such batteries can work between -40? and 55?. Furthermore, a li-ion battery contains no toxic substances and is thus honored “green battery”. 

Thirdly, it is equipped with an in-built intelligent system to achieve dynamic and ensure safety of users. When a scooter tilts at an angle that is beyond the safety value, it will give an alarm; if the scooter travels at a speed over safety value, the motor will stop automatically to prevent being damaged due to high-speed rotation. 

Last but not the least, due to its magnetic suspension motor, X8 will not generate any emission or noise. This agrees with Airwheel’s original intent—being green, eco-friendly and low-carbon.

Despite of good traditions, X8 intelligent unicycle has its own characteristics. Weighing 11.1kg, it is installed with a 16-inch large wheel hub, which allows it to negotiate varied and rugged terrains. Besides, a wider tire contributes to larger grid and friction between the tire and the ground, so that users are assured with higher level of safety. 

In hot summer, it is cool and amazing to ride an X8 and weave in streets. Go ahead!

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