Andy Curry Makes Best-Seller List with New Business Book on Getting Pre-Qualified, Pre-Sold Leads

Andy Curry of Authority Masters reached Amazon’s best-seller list with his latest book which helps professionals and business owners become an undeniable authority and expert in their market so they can get pre-qualified, pre-sold prospects.

Colorado Springs, CO – August 10, 2015 – Andy Curry of Authority Masters has hit the best-seller list with his latest groundbreaking book. Entitled Automatic-Pilot Sales: Get Pre-Qualified, Pre-Sold Leads and Blow Up Your Bank Account, the book provides readers with no-nonsense insights on how to become a recognized authority in their market. Curry says that the reason for becoming an authority is to generate Google attention, outpace the competition, and increase sales by attracting leads which are already qualified and ready to buy.

Automatic-Pilot Sales is attracting plenty of attention from business professionals who are eagerly looking for ways to separate themselves in the online media jungle. It became the best seller in Amazon’s Kindle Store under the Business & Money, Marketing for Small Businesses category. In the Business & Money, Marketing category it settled at #3 just next to the famous book by Napoleon Hill known as Think and Grow Rich. Written in a straight-forward question and answer format, Curry relies on his experience at Authority Masters to provide readers with a step-by-step roadmap to establish overnight authority and become a sales lead generating machine.

While most businesses are out there trying to attract attention with tired slogans like, “We have been in business since 1970,” or “We’re the nice guys,” Curry says that does nothing to increase sales. “I have found that there are two essential steps professionals and business owners must take to attract attention and motivate prospects to choose their business,” he states.

“They must offer compelling reasons, and they need to receive third party validation to build credibility. Prospects are motivated by solid reasons when choosing one particular business over another. Most struggling companies are caught in the humdrum world of ‘me too’ reasons that don’t provide any differentiation. This book teaches entrepreneurs how to stand out in the minds of potential customers, and almost force them to pay attention and take an action that leads to a sale.”

Curry explains that many companies are caught in a vicious cycle of continuously trying to generate pre-qualified, pre-sold leads. As soon as a few customers come in, the business goes into overdrive mode to meet their needs and then forgets about generating new interest. As time goes on, sales start to fall off and the company furiously ramps up the lead generation machine again. Instead of having a lead generation process that runs on automatic pilot, these businesses find themselves in a constant up and down sales cycle.

The big secret that Curry reveals in his book is that business professionals must become an undeniable authority in their field. The goal is to make consumers believe that choosing a competitor over an authority could be a painful choice. He asserts that this can be done no matter the size of the company or the previous sales record.

To this end, chapters in the book focus on the dreadful consequences of not being the authority and teach the four obstacles which must be crushed in order to become an authority. Curry also provides insights on three blunders to avoid before they murder sales progress, and two pitfalls to dodge for rapid success. The end vision is to become an authority in a particular niche overnight so that lead generation is on automatic pilot.

“Businesses these days are in an incredibly competitive environment,” concluded Curry. “The fastest way to succeed is to convince prospects and customers that yours is the only company they should do business with because you are such a leading authority. When given a choice, you want to provide customers with compelling reasons to contact you instead of your competitor. This book provides a revolutionary strategy to do just that.”

Curry has a BS in Economics from Colorado State University. In addition to Authority Masters, he is also a contributing author to Business Innovators Magazine and an online media strategist. He continues to provide groundbreaking information to help clients and readers develop a personal step-by-step plan to become an undeniable authority and achieve sales success.

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