The Candle Charger — A Candle or A Power Bank?

What will you choose to charge your smartphone when it is out of juice? A candle or a power bank? In this passage, top three 10000 mAh power banks are introduced and compared so that you can choose the most suitable one for your phone.

Candle can light up a whole room when there’s a power outage. Everyone knows that. But if I say a candle can also save your phone from dying, you may not believe it. One of a California startup Stower developed a new device called candle charger.  Its simplistic design is based on the principles of thermoelectrics, which has been around since the early 1800s. However, this technique is not well-developed and not easy to apply. What does save your smartphone when it is out of juice is a power bank. Below three 10000mAh portable power banks which rank the top three on Amazon best seller listing are introduced for you to consider. 

The three top power banks are EasyAcc PB10000CF, Anker E3 10000mAh and RAV Power 10400 mAh.

Size and appearance

The EasyAcc PB10000CF is of an iPhone-6-plus size, the 144*75*14 mm dimension makes it the thinnest among the three products. It is specially designed with round edge to make it easy and comfortable to be hold in hand. The main part is in black while there are strides of orange on both two sides and ends. Dimension of Anker E3 mAh is 137*67*17 mm with square shape and smooth shell, impressing users by the look of high quality. RAV Power 10400 mAh power bank is the most compact one with the dimension of 112*71*20 mm. Black is the main color while gray also plays a role on the side.

Capacity and technology applied

The first 2 products are 10000 mAh and RAV Power bank is a little larger, 10400 mAh. EasyAcc PB10000CF adopts smart technology which enables the two output ports to automatically identify the device connected and charge it at the fastest speed. The technology Anker E3 applied is called IQ, which claims that it provides faster and safer charging experience. iSmart technology is applied in RAV Power, however it can only provide juice to smartphones using Android or iOS system. That means if you are not using Android or Apple smartphone, this power bank is useless to you. It cannot charge Samsung or Asus tablet either. This is a big defect to their products.

Other aspects

As for the input, EasyAcc and Anker products can be charged by DC 5V/2A input, which makes it possible to be fully charged in 6 hours while RAV power bank may need longer time since its input is only 1.5 A. The biggest output of EasyAcc is 2.4 A while the other two is 3 A. One highlight of EasyAcc lies in the flashlight between the two ports, which can be used as a torch in emergency.

All in all, EasyAcc is the best power bank among the three as far as I am concerned. You can choose the most suitable one for yourself and buy it on Amazon.

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