What should a home or building owner do when faced with bees or yellow jackets in a wall?

People often mistakenly call all stinging insects “bees”. It is important to distinguish between these insects because different methods may be necessary to control them if they become a nuisance.Especially yellow jackets can become very aggressive when people venture too close to their nests.They are a real problem when their nests are near doorways or on decks. They are very sensitive to slamming doors and other movements around their nests.

There are a few things you have to take into consideration when making a decision to deal with bees or yellow jackets. Properly completing a honey bee or yellow jacktets nest removal may involve a carpenter to dismantle/reassemble the wall, and/or a licensed pest control company to eradicate the insects if removal is impractical. Keep in mind that you might also call an electrician or a plumber if safety or accessibility is an issue.

It’s safer to have an experienced pest control company deal with the nest removal. They are better equipped and have the resources to do the job.  Although it will be an expense for the extermination service it will be cost effective in the long run. It’s worth hiring a bee exterminators to avoid being injured and potientally going to the hosipital which will definately cost more.The truth of the matter is that removal of honey bees or yellow jackets from a home or building is a matter of personal safety.

Honey bee hives/nests can be inside walls, ceilings, floors, hollow trees or other cavities. Removal may require cutting holes in the building in order to extract the bees and their honeycombs. It can cost $100-$700 or more to remove a honey bee nest, depending on where it’s located (including how high it is off the ground) and how many bees it contains. For example, a Bee exterminator in Seattle, Washington charges a flat $250 .Because bees are so beneficial to the environment, many experts recommend live removal of a honey bee colony. However, where live removal can be difficult or impossible, pest control companies will exterminate a hive for $100-$300 or more.


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