Shi Bak! When wa\’s the last time an indie Artist survived? Omeil\’s New Single “Coco” needs 100,000 Extraordinary Downloads Fast!

Omeil ( is proud to announce her indigogo campaign for her second studio album in over 10 years – Yes 10 Years! Omeil, known as the Reggae Sweetheart or The Princess Reggae, has been working hard to take her second studio album beyond her small Island of Jamaica and create an international presence, but in order to make the new album “worldwide” it requires help. Yes Help, financial help.

In Jamaica, instead of saying “She’s Back”, they would say “Shi bak” and that is exactly it. Omeil is back with her new single “Coco” which is ready to survive the billboard charts and pre-ordering from her indiegogo campaign. Outside of the hot new single from her upcoming album, Omeil is struggling to make an impact on the world. It’s hard to make it in business and simply in life without support.  When 100,000 people download the new single or her previous work, a great change is made in someone’s life. You can download and support Omeil’s album on August 1, 2016:  or by going directly to iTunes and downloading one song from her previous album here:

Omeil loves music more than anything in the world but is unable to do what is needed, coming from a 3rd world country with limited resources. It’s difficult to say it but the small island that Omeil is from, is a complete mess due to the high crime rate and an economy that is so horrible that the average pay is $11,500 Jamaican dollars per week (which is $127 US dollars), and the cost of living is the same as living in the United States.

Most people who visit Jamaica go to the north coast of the island which is beautiful and set up for tourism, while the other side is left alone where people are sleeping in boxes or zine homes and can hardly survive. Omeil’s goal with the album is to help her country to become a better place for as many people as she can and help is needed in doing so. One man cannot change the world, but one man can make a significant change that changes lives for the better.

Why should you donate to this project? 

Omeil has put together a team of producers and writers to create a masterpiece, but in order to deliver this project, funding is needed. Omeil is looking to raise $100,000 dollars in order to produce, promote and giveback on her second studio album.  Omeil’s incentives are great for supporters: from a donation of $1 which will get you a download of one track from her first album to being an executive producer if $1000 is donated.

  • $1USD I See You!
    Just want to say looking forward to your music. Download one song from the old album
  • $5USD Easy, Nuff Love
    Personal Thank You from Omeil and Entire Studio Album download of First Record Project “Reggae Sweetheart”
  • $10USD Trust! Nuff Respect
    Preview and First to Order/download Second Studio Album First
  • $25USD
    Full album Plus
    Preview and First to Order/download Second Studio Album Download First and T-Shirt.
  • $50USD
    Silver Fan Club
    Preview and First to Order/download Second Studio Album Download First, T-Shirt and Listening Party Invite.
  • $100USD
    Bronze Member
    Preview and First to Order/download Second Studio Album Download First, T-Shirt, Invite to Listening Party, Poster and Website Recognition.
  • $500USD
    Gold Member
    Preview and First to Order/download Second Studio Album Download First, T-Shirt, Poster, Invite to Listening Party, Website Recognition, Contributing Producer Credit on the the album and Exclusive Invite with her on a Radio or TV show promo.
  • $1,000USD
    Platinum Member
    Receive Omeil’s Entire Catalog, Preview and First to Order/download Second Studio Album Download First, Physical Album Mailed, T-shirt, invite to Listening Party, Website Recognition, Executive Producer Credit on Album, Logo on Album, added to Omeil’s Step and Repeat at Omeil’s event for 3 Events.

Why should you spread the word about Omeil
’s work?

Omeil aims to use the second album as a platform for helping others. Many Reggae Artists, especially those from Jamaica, get negative media press or they truly don’t help and our aim is to stand out among the crowd. Donate at: and see the revelation of the one they have called Reggae Princess, Reggae Sweetheart, Lava Lady, Hot Girl and more… But Shi Bak – it’s “Omeil”.  Look behind the music to see her talent, the plan and see that she’s worth it – just download one track that will make a great change. Visit:

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Phone: 800.883.2157
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