PrizedItem’s iPhone Screen Protector is just one of the many superior quality products available at pocket friendly prices

With a major chunk of their manufacturing process involving products of their company, PrizedItems aims at providing buyers with high quality products at low prices with their iPhone 6 screen protector and a cooled towel called Heat Tamer being their most popular products.

The Apple iPhone 6 is easily one of the prized possessions of any owner and therefore, having its screen protected to avoid any damage when it scratches along a sharp object or falls to the ground with an impact is an absolute must. However, in doing so, it is also equally important to ensure that it does its job without compromising on the exceptional screen resolution and quality that an iPhone is familiar with.

Prized Items offers an effective solution to this and has manufactured a product that promises and delivers exactly what a customer has been waiting for. Its iPhone 6 screen protector is an extremely beneficial tool that would be indispensable for every iPhone 6 owner. One very evident feature that separates this product from the rest of the screen protectors available in the market is its authentically durable quality as opposed to the flimsy, plastic based covers that one would usually buy. This screen protector by Prized Items has been designed with micro tempered technology, which is synonymous for its toughness thanks to the 9H hardness.

In the event of the iPhone 6 falling with a thud and deep impact, the screen protector will shatter its own self and ensure that not even a single mild scratch is left on the surface of the phone.

The iPhone 6 screen protector by PrizedItems protects the phone not only when it falls but also when one touches the screen with mucky hands. Essentially, its surface is resistant to fingerprints and won’t leave behind ghastly marks. Besides, it also repels oily textures and comes with a hydrolock – phobic coating. This happens because of the glass being Oleaphobic in nature. The screen protector displays all content on the iPhone in HD quality with crystal clear images.

Prized Items also gives a 100% lifetime warranty on their much loved and popular iPhone 6 screen protector.

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