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Many people are flocking to get laser eye surgery despite all the risks involved. Its popularity is increased by the growing number of celebrities electing for the surgery. Regardless of its popularity, there are many risks involved and with these risks comes the chance of blindness. Laser eye surgery is not for everyone and for more complex issues like astigmatism and amblyopia they require even multiple surgeries and attached risks. Sadly, many people find out when it is too late or that there are non-surgical alternatives that have produced positive results. Risks from laser eye surgery are:

  • Overcorrection or under correction.
  • Damage to the Cornea and flap surgeons cut to make repairs.
  • Eye infections.
  • Damage to retina
  • Night sightedness
  • Light Sensitivities

Until 1928 people used eye therapy on infants and then eventually adapted to ophthalmology pioneered by William Horatio Bates, M.D. The vision therapy included many ways to strengthen and lengthen the muscles in the eye as well as discarding lenses to commit fully to the exercises. In the past 50 years, most ophthalmologists have been correcting eyesight with special lenses and contact lenses with torque weights. Eye exercises in general are not usually used as the main form of therapy these days. Ophthalmologists who support Dr. Bates and the Bate’s Method still have excellent results today.

Palming is one of the most famous eye exercises according to Crystal Clear Natural Vision. ( This technique helps reduces eye strain and helps them relax. By warming your hands and then covering eyes to block out the light for 3 minutes ensures well deserved break on the muscles, retina and cornea. Resting the eyes is crucial for maintaining good eye health. It is observed that with too much light and less resting the sclera will become discolored and bloodshot. Taking a few minutes to exercise at work, and while watching television could improve your eye drastically.

Astigmatisms cause sight to become blurry. This damage can be averted through natural correction. It is a common problem in old age because the muscles become weak over time. Crystal Clear Natural Vision suggests 4 things you can do to correct astigmatisms. ( It is very important to notice how your eyes are feeling. If they are too tired you must rest them adequately before performing eye exercises. Astigmatism eye exercises require you to focus on moving objects by moving the eyeball only. This helps the muscles and eye strength. In conjunction with the eye exercises, you can reshape the damaged cornea with special contact lenses. Orthokeratology is a new science which is painless but carries more risks than eye surgery.

The goal of natural eye therapy is to strengthen muscles, help correct focusing issues, and rest eyes appropriately without the need for costly lenses and surgeries. As more people are depending on Lasik the number of complications is on the rise and hence the search for alternatives. Just as exercise is necessary for our physical body, it is also vital for our eyesight.

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