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Turbinado Sugar, popularly termed as ‘Sugar in the raw’ is witnessing a sudden surge in the healthy cooking arena nowadays. Going beyond the “to be sprinkled as a dressing”, the health experts and many leading cooks have come up with various beneficial factors of this natural sugar.

AMJX also known as AM Journal Express – http://amjournalexpress.com/ is a knowledge repository which provides complete and detailed information about ingredients of the cooking world. The readers get a fair idea about the culinary field. AMJX’s team is more concerned about the reader’s curiosity of why, where and when of the ingredient. For instance they have brought together a detailed picture of Turbinado Sugar – http://amjournalexpress.com/what-is-turbinado-sugar/

AMJX’s team of experts considers Turbinado as a healthy alternate to white refined sugar with comparatively lesser calories and as a healthier substitute for all the highly sweetened dishes.

A single teaspoon of this sugar contains approximately 15-20 calories, of which just 5 grams are complex carbohydrates. The nutrients contents for every 100 grams of Turbinado sugar contains 100 milligrams of potassium, 85 milligrams of calcium, 23 milligrams of magnesium, 3.9 milligrams of phosphorus and 1.3 milligrams of iron. The total mineral salt content is 740 milligrams. When the water in this crystal sugar is drained and evaporated, it is estimated to have the same nutrients as in a growing sugar cane. Turbinado sugar is also suited to be added in preparing soaps. This, along with oil and salt acts as an exfoliation scrubbing agent that helps in keeping the skin clean and vibrant.

There are other similar types of Turbinado sugar such as muscovado and demerara sugar. Both of them are also considered natural sugar and not refined. There are however basic differences in color, process of preparation and texture.

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So the next time you hear about Zero Sugar food items, make it a point to read all the ingredients that might mean added sugar such as Turbinado, honey, demerara, rock sugar etc. Considering the valuable information that is available, it will be a wise idea to take a glance at AMJX blog for more information, as the term ‘no added sugar’ means entering the world of alternate sugar. Be healthy and proactive; after all healthy food is what drives us towards a healthier future.


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