Ontario Sustainable Energy Association Sponsors Green Energy Doors Open 2015 Radio Campaign

For more than a decade, the province of Ontario has been a leader in the field of sustainable energy, and the organization at the forefront of many of the province’s most successful initiatives has been the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA). OSEA has sponsored numerous projects to innovate new green energy products and technologies, as well as raising public awareness to make homes and businesses more energy efficient. In an effort to inform the public about Ontario’s many sustainable energy achievements, OSEA is currently sponsoring the Green Energy Doors Open 2015 radio campaign.

Sustainable energy is the goal of almost every community and organization because it minimizes costs and reduces deleterious effects on the environment. With this objective in mind, OSEA and its partner organizations have strived to make Ontario entirely dependent upon sustainable energy. By drawing on renewable energy sources like thermal, wind and solar, Ontario is quickly progressing to reach this ideal. OSEA continues to encourage provincial residents through the Green Energy Doors Open 2015 radio campaign to work closely with green energy partners so that they can benefit from this important initiative.

The Green Energy Doors Open 2015 radio campaign will not only extol the many successes of OSEA and other organizations, but will also inform the public about ways they can contribute to making Ontario 100 percent green. OSEA is currently inviting the public to help support this important radio campaign by participating in their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In return for financially supporting this project, backers can receive perks like Thank You’s, Supporter status, Champion status, Patron status, Superstar status and one year supporter membership in OSEA, Superhero status with mention in radio spots.

To learn more about Green Energy Doors Open 2015 radio campaign or to make a financial pledge, please visit http://bit.ly/1NdJseX

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Media Contact
Company Name: Green Energy Doors Open 2015 Radio Campaign
Contact Person: Nicole Risse
Email: nicole@ontario-sea.org
Country: Canada
Website: http://bit.ly/1NdJseX