Colorado Company Melowana Wants to Bring Back Low Potency Pot

June 30, 2014. Colorado, USA. Lower potency pot is back – or at least it could be with your help. Colorado’s Melowana Inc. has turned to social media and launched an Indiegogo crowdsourced funding campaign to get the message out that your ‘best’ high doesn’t have to be the most potent.

Not everyone looking to smoke marijuana recreationally needs or wants a super-potent ‘high’ every time. Unfortunately, right now there’s no choice on the open market.

Colorado was the first state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana on to anyone age 21 or older. With this recent change, the people behind Melowana Inc. saw a big market gap in the type and potency of pot available. They plan to fill it with a more ‘mellow’ option for getting high (legally). 

The company believes strongly that people should (and want) to have an option for marijuana that isn’t over the top.  As their campaign site explains, “The established marijuana business has become focused on very high-THC strains. Melowana is seeking public support to go against this trend.”

The trend over the past 20+ years in the US and many other countries has been for marijuana to be produced with higher and higher THC content (THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.) This isn’t a good thing for your mind or body. Unlike earlier versions of marijuana where an overdose would merely put you to sleep, on overdose of the high-THC marijuana can cause LSD like “bad trips”.

The bottom line is that consumers should have choices. For those who really don’t want super-potent highs every single time – Melowana is offering a more ‘mellow’ option. This product is more Woodstock not Wall Street. It’s time to re-discover traditional, gentler, mellow, low-THC highs.

Melowana’s founders believe people need to be given a choice. “The mission of Melowana is to grow and market naturally low-THC retro strains of marijuana.”  

They believe strongly that recreational ‘tokers’ don’t always want hardest-hitting THC in their pot. The crowd sourced campaign allow Melowana to grow pot the way you want it to be (which is different from all the other guys). Perks ranges from $25-$100 with mugs and t-shirts up for grabs. Sorry – pot isn’t allowed as a perk (they asked)!

Donations big and small will help provide individuals with a choice in what is available when they smoke a joint. Find out more about the campaign and share widely with your friends. Help Melowana Inc. give everyone an option between strong and ‘laid back’ weed. Your brain and body will thank you.

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