Constance Alex George: Releases Two (2) New Singles \”You and I\” and \”Out Of Your Life\”

The multi-talented entrepreneur and singer Constance Alex George has recently released two new singles “You and I” and “Out Of Your Life”, both songs have been written and sung by Constance herself. Each song features a catchy tune and different yet strong messages that she believes most people can relate to. The newly released singles are available on Alex George’s official website:

Multi-faceted Christian Singer/Songwriter is also a Pastor, producer and an entrepreneur. From the young age of 2 Constance has found great comfort in all things creative and artistic; and has followed her passions to become a singer and songwriter, who through her unique style and sound that amalgamates western pop, Christian rendition in to afro-American sensibilities, has been able to convey strong and thought provoking messages for her listeners. Having had a troublesome journey following her dreams and passion has not stopped or slowed down Constance. She overcame the hardships through her undeterred faith, hard work and seizing every opportunity that was presented to her.

The track “Out of Your Life” is for the all the broken hearted listeners. According to Constance, the selection of this particular track to be released as a single was made due to the reliability of the song’s lyrics.  She said: “I selected this song as a single because of the message it brings, Not because it’s catchy, But because I know that pretty much everyone can and will relate to this song, I wrote this song from my heart, I’ve known pain, heartbreak, abuse so that places me in everyone’s shoe, You won’t be over if you get out of a bad situation, Only time can fix everything but you just have to make up your mind and take that bold step and get out while you still have breath, ha-ha trust me on this I’m with you, you totally can and will be fine.”

Constance believes that great music and timeless emotions transcend the bounds of time and variable tastes since people from different generations are able to appreciate its merits. Much of Constance Alex George’s previous works has been featured in notable films, rave reviews from critics and has received various award nominations and won accolades.

Currently Constance is working on her upcoming her first full album “Fire Burning” that will feature her best work yet.  The 2 new singles “You and I” and “Out Of Your Life” are available on her website and at all digital platforms worldwide.


Constance Nkeruka Alex-George, is a multi-talented contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter, Pastor, producer, entrepreneur, known to the world as Constance Alex George.

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