Airwheel Intelligent personal transporter Twin-wheeled Scooter Q3 — A Product of the Future

Airwheel intelligent twin-wheeled scooter is an ingenious creation in the transportation field. The most distinctive feature of the product is its two-wheel hub design, which makes riding more stable and the learning process easier. Airwheel Q3, with classic style and fashionable appearance is a functional product which satisfies modern transportation requirements.

Same as other Airwheel products, Q3 is a high-tech product which employs the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm, and gyroscope to realize self-balance. Riders are required to lean forward or backward to accelerate, speed down or brake. For consumers, they may not understand the technical theories but what matters to them is the quality and appearance. Q3 has four motor types with different power output. The maglev motor prolongs the service life of the device. A built-in intelligent chip perfectly improves the interaction between riders and the device. The light-weighted but durable materials guarantee Q3’s good quality. 

The low-key black and white colors could not conceal its dynamic features. Intelligent self-balancing scooter Q3 runs as far as 65KM once fully charged. The vehicle weighs only 14 KG. Daily commuters could carry it onto buses and to companies. Sports fans could store it in the car trunk and go for a ride in the open fields. Q3 takes only 90 minutes for a full charge and its maximum speed reaches 18 KM/h. The energetic power ensures its good performance in climbing slopes and off-road capability. The two-tire design makes riding more stable. Q3 could intelligently respond to rider’s body movement and accelerate fast.

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter Q3 is a personal transport tool with fashionable appearance and eco-friendly function. When car drivers are stuck in the traffic jam, Q3 riders zip through the crowds freely. It solves customers’ practical needs. In the era allowing of no delay of environment protection, riding Q3 powered by electricity seems to be a meaningful choice.

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