Say Goodbye to Bad Habits and Embrace the Eco Product-Airwheel Intelligent Electric Self-balancing Scooter

As the temperature is soaring, more people drive cars to work and turn on the air conditioner to stay cool. The fuel consumption has been dramatically increased. Automobile exhausts are accumulating and have done serious damage to the environment. Urban white-collars stay in the air-conditioned offices and they are eaten up with the occupational diseases and air-condition diseases. It is time to get rid of the bad habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The greenhouse gases are rising year by year which result in the global warming and environment deteriorating. People’s living environment has been severely threatened. Leading a low-carbon life is everyone’s duty. Energy conservation and emission reduction are the basic approaches to improve the living environment. Airwheel Technology, as a senior brand in the self-balancing scooter market has created a new concept of low-carbon commuting. Its products with the strength of being eco-friendly, efficient, portable and intelligent, have gone with the current social tide. 

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter, powered by electricity, emits zero pollutants to the environment. It runs for 100 KM consuming only two kilowatt hour. The eco product is attracting more people to participate in the low-carbon revolution. Now, urban transportation conditions are abdominal. Daily drivers get stuck in traffic jam frequently and some become anxious and fretful. Drivers are likely to be caught in road rages. It is impossible for urban dwellers to give up driving. But maybe they could ride Airwheel electric scooters occasionally. The flexible product zips through alleys and streets freely, which highly improves the efficiency of commuting.

Riding Airwheel electric unicycle is also a fitness means. It could relieve the daily working stress. For urban white-collars, they sit for long time during the day time. Riding could help relaxing the shoulder, backbone, arms and legs. Now, slow down the living pace and ride an Airwheel scooter to enjoy life.

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