Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooter for College Students Riders

Airwheel intelligent scooters have swept the globe. Apart from its application in daily commuting for office workers, scenic spots, warehouses and security patrol, some people have found new use. There are now more college students riding Airwheel electric scooters in colleges. 

Some colleges prohibit students from riding bicycles in the campus. However, there is often some distance between the teaching buildings and the dormitories. It is quite annoying when college students get up late which may lead to being late for class. In the hot summer, it is even unbearable to walk under the scorching sun.

Now, Airwheel intelligent unicycles provide a new and trendy approach of commuting. The young generation is liable to accept new things. College students, as the main force of the young generation should try the new device even more. Now some college students tend to show off their wealth, by using expensive mobile phones. This is a decline of social morals. In fact, some intelligent unicycles cost only the price of a smart phone. College students could totally afford the intelligent self-balancing unicycles. With the intelligent device, they could get to classes on time while get some exercise. Above all, riding such a vogue device on campus will surely make the rider a spotlight. 

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters are powered by electricity which is absolutely environmentally friendly. Students could charge it in their dorms easily. It takes only 90 minutes to get a full charge. Airwheel chooses the original SONY lithium battery and it costs only 1 kilowatt hour running for 100 KM. It has high cost performance. The maximum speed is only 18 KM/h, which is safe running on campus. Airwheel one-wheeled electric unicycles weigh around 12 KG and could be easily carried to classes or canteens. Doesn’t this sound attractive?

Now, Airwheel has produced many types of electric scooters. The cute twin-wheeled scooter or the cool electric unicycle, there must be one type which meets the demand of college students.

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