What Will Overturn the City Transport Again? Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooter.

When human beings started to walk, they were amazed by the convenience of traveling freely to anywhere they want. More and more transport means were invented and the transport was overturned again and again. But now traditional transport means are not as convenient as before because of the crowd city. So who will be the overturning role this time?

For years citizens have enjoyed the joy in amazing city life which comes from the growing civilization. But now too much people flowing into the city have caused severe transport problems to citizens. So when the cars and metro, which was the overturning vehicles in city transport, won’t be the convenient transport means anymore. What will be the revolutionary transport vehicles in the city transport next? Airwheel will give people the answer with its intelligent scooters.


Airwheel is not the enterprise which invented the intelligent scooters. But Airwheel is the first enterprise which has made intelligent scooters the public affordable transport vehicles for the public. And this is the basis of making intelligent scooters the overturning products in the city transport. Also because of their convenience and eco-friendly ideas, intelligent scooters have won the heart of citizens. Among the Airwheel family, the Airwheel S3, the first model in the product series of two-wheeled intelligent scooters, are the most powerful and successful scooters which deserve the name of exclusive SUV for riders.


Airwheel S3 have the most powerful vehicle units in early Airwheel products. The strong motors provide riders with the strength to run on any roads smoothly and freely. Also the motors are very efficient, the Airwheel S3 two-wheeled intelligent scooter is able to travel as far as 60 km when the battery was fully charged. Various accessories like bags can help riders in carrying their goods like food and tools for family time in the park. The strong performances are accompanied by comprehensive protections inside and outside. Inside the vehicle the intelligent and sophisticated operating system provides riders with low battery protections, speed limit protection and so on. Outside the vehicles many designs provide riders with direct protection like the cushion strip above the handlebars which minimizes impact caused by scratches and collisions. 

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters were designed to be the overturning vehicles in the city transport.

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