Searching for the Moments Which Stir Deeply in One\’s Heart in the City Life with Airwheel X5 Single wheeled Electric Unicycles

The fast paces in city life have made people ignore many beauties in the city life. Airwheel X5 electric unicycles lead people on the way of searching for touching moments in city life.

Most people may have forgotten the time when they were relaxing and enjoying the city life. Mostly, people have no time to enjoy the beauties along both sides of the roads because they have been trapped into and move between many “iron boxes”—cars and metro. Also not every place for leisure activities is near where people live and not everyone is good at cycling. So people never lack excuses for keep dwelling. But, when Airwheel X5 electric scooters were introduced, people got the chance to experience the moments when the city beauties touch deeply the heart of people.

Airwheel X5 electric unicycles are the refined model of Airwheel X3. The improvements of Airwheel X5 can be seen from many product details. For instance, many top-quality vehicle units are adopted by designers of Airwheel X5, like 132 Wh Sony Li-on battery cores and the efficient and powerful maglev motor which provides long range to riders; the inside CPU and operating system are more intelligent than that of Airwheel X3 and provide riders with shorter response time and better stability. 

The Airwheel X5 has the same portability of Airwheel X3. The small size and light weight enable X5 to run on different roads. In workdays, when others are hurrying to the offices or back to home, riders with Airwheel X5 can travel leisurely on the roads where there is no trace of crowd people and cars.

The beauties on both roads sides which are ignored when they are in cars or buses won’t be missed again, like morning blossoms, white snow and grass after the rain. In the weekends, step out of the room and make the close contact with the fresh air and bright sunshine. Field outings won’t be the “iron box” travel any more. There is no distance between riders and the grand nature. People will find that the nature is totally different from that seen behind the glass. 

Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters make people the beauty hunter in the city life.

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