It\’s A Fantastic World. Yet There Are Only Thin Wallets. Luckily, Airwheel X5 One Wheel Electric Unicycles Take People to See the World.

This is a fantastic world, but people’s wallets don’t match the size of their dreams. Luckily, Airwheel intelligent scooters offer people the tools for conveniently traveling around in the city life.

This is a fantastic world and people never stop dreaming traveling around freely in and out of the cities. But private cars are still luxury goods for most young people. So how to travel freely in the fantastic world? Airwheel brought people with the intelligent self-balancing scooters which are designed to be the first transport vehicles for young people. Airwheel X5 electric unicycles are the second model in Airwheel X series intelligent scooters, and they are also the most suitable vehicles for young people who were just stepping into the society.

Airwheel X series electric unicycles are the most portable models in Airwheel family. But great portability doesn’t necessarily mean weak performances. Airwheel X5 adopts the Sony or Panasonic Li-on battery cores which have large electricity battery capacity and can be recharged 1800 times which is the equipment life 3.6 times to ordinary batteries. Because the Airwheel X5 only has one wheel, it weighs only 11 kg, which can also be carried by girls. And because of the small size of Airwheel X5, it can be carried anywhere like on buses and the metro. People are able to enjoy the riding anytime and anywhere.

What does owning an Airwheel X5 mean? On the way to the office, Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters are the most convenient vehicles which help people avoid the traffic jam. Airwheel X5 electric scooters are portable enough to be rode on sidewalks or underground passages. The cars on the roads and the metro under the ground cause no trouble to people. For after-work time, Airwheel X5 are also the amazing toys. When heading to the friends’ houses for party, Airwheel X5 are the vehicles making riders the trend-setters among their friends. For fun time on the road or squares, Airwheel X5 are the toys with which people can play extreme sports. Cooperation between friends can create more creative ways of playing Airwheel X5. 

Airwheel X5 scooters are young people’s first private “cars”!

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