A Thousand Sides of People Come from Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooters.

How many sides do people have in their city life? Two? Five? Dozens? Airwheel intelligent scooters tell people that everyone has a thousand sides in their city life.

There is no one who only has one side in their daily city life. In workdays, people are workmania who are never tired but afraid of wasting time on meaningless things like transport. After works people should enjoy their leisure time fully with various leisure activities like speed games on the streets or extreme sports with their friends. In family time people should enjoy the time fully without being annoyed by the tiredness. Airwheel intelligent scooters satisfy the needs of different sides of people.


Airwheel X3 are the most convenient vehicles for office workers. They are extremely portable and light, so it’s easy to carry and ride them anywhere. On Airwheel X3 electric unicycles, riders can avoid the traffic jam and huge crowds in the metro and buses. All office workers need to worry about is to plan the schedule for spending their energy on every aspect of the work. It’s also amusing while watching other colleagues hurrying into the office or coming out of the metro being totally messed up. People’s sides of work mania are guaranteed by Airwheel X3 

Airwheel Q3 are the most sporty and fashionable vehicles in Airwheel family. What people want for their after-work time is the absolute fun-time. What people need for their fun time is the most interesting toys. Airwheel Q3 are designed to be the most intelligent toys for young players who love speed games and thrills on vehicles. Their twin-wheels and solid resin shells make people’s playing safe and stable. Even impacts like jump and collision on the wall won’t cause any damage to the vehicle.


For people who love leisure activities in their after-work time, Airwheel S3 two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the most suitable vehicles because of their strong performances and great burden capacity. The top burden capacity of Airwheel S3 is 120 kg. So riders can carry what they need for the leisure time like family time and golf time. 

Sport fanatic? Leisure master? Workmaniac? All sides of people are in Airwheel intelligent scooters!

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