Airwheel Self-balancing electric scooter with no handles-Conducive for Brain Development

As the rising star of various transports, Airwheel self-balancing scooter is not merely a vehicle for daily transportation anymore. In addition, it is also conducive to people in many ways. Not only does it contribute to riders’ health but also helps with their brain development.

Since Airwheel self-balancing scooter showed up in the market, it has aroused heated discussion and attention among the public. Generally, it is always reckoned as a transport. As a matter of fact, it can not only serve as a great transport for daily travel but also help with health enhancement and brain development.

In order to provide riders with a safe and smooth riding experience, Airwheel selects the best materials for the electric scooter. It is equipped with the top-quality lithium batteries imported from Sony and mounted with the Cheng Shin tires which are far more durable than other tires. On that account, it is able to negotiate any terrains that it may encounter. Plus, due to its powerful motor, generally, it can reach a range of 65 km at most, which will surely satisfy the needs of most riders. 

Although Airwheel has made it rather easy for rider to get the hang of the electric scooter by applying the human ergonomics to its design and creation, riders still have to spend some time practicing. As is known to all, practice makes perfect. If they want to make a great rider, they shall keep practicing, which will help build up their confidence and form the quality of self-challenging. 

Installed with the built-in intelligent chip, the electric unicycle achieves self-balancing in the principle of aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Riders have to steer the vehicle via dynamic equilibrium. This kind of equilibrium exercise promotes the cerebella development, which will thereby push the further development of the brain. In this way, riding the electric scooter, riders will become more agile and flexible as well as intelligently improved. Thus, unicycle riding is also regarded as a brain exercise in the medical sense.

In summary, Airwheel electric scooter is not merely a transport anymore. Instead, it can function as effective equipment for brain development and human enhance, making it the benchmark of new transports.

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