13 MYTHS OF WEIGHT LOSS Released. Find out the facts

HOT SPRINGS, AR – August 11, 2015 – Best selling author and Fitness expert JP Latham releases NEW FREE ebook in weight loss and fitness.

A new guide that reveals how to cut the weight loss myths to cut the fat.

“13 MYTHS OF WEIGHT LOSS,” written by Camarillo-based fitness expert John “JP” Latham, a quick guide of myths and facts. It is a short read, but can make an impact that can last a very long time. He also included his master food list that you can print out and use. It also includes nutrition rules to follow. 

“Nowadays many people overspend on diets and workout programs. It gets worse when they are for very humane reasons such as work, travel, relationships or surprising problems lose sight of their expensive fitness plans. I wrote this guide to help clarify what the truth is about real weight loss. There is so much hype it is hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction,” said author JP Latham.

The ebook, available on Latham’s website for FREE: http://www.jplatham.com/13-myths

Latham has been in the fitness business for 15 years, with over 40,000 clients throughout the United States. As a child growing up in Arkansas, he witnessed his father suffer through several heart attacks and eventually receiving a heart transplant. This opened his eyes to the importance of physical fitness and proper nutrition.

For further information, please contact John “JP” Latham, telephone 805-377-1129, john@jplatham.com, or read more at: www.jplatham.com

“The 13 MYTHS OF WEIGHT LOSS” can be downloaded at: http://www.jplatham.com/13-myths

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