Radio Special and Exhibit on Marijuana in Washington Coming in November

SEATTLE, WA – August 11, 2015 – Marijuana has come a long way since the days of Reefer Madness. Three years after Washington voters legalized recreational use, a new radio documentary will examine the social, political and commercial state of the herb.

On November 6, Seattle radio station Puget Sound FM will air an original program, “Taking the High Road,” which looks at marijuana post-legalization through the eyes of local officials, marijuana entrepreneurs, consumers and parents. The program airs at 7 pm and will be available for free download as well.

The documentary kicks off a six-month exhibit of the history of marijuana in media. The project concludes with the station’s April 20, 2016 broadcast day when media from the exhibit as well as music, comedy and more are featured on-air.

“After Washington voters resolved the question of legalization, a new set of issues arose: business concerns for the marijuana industry, regulation and enforcement for state and local governments, and, of course, how we address marijuana use with our kids,” said Michael Jones, director of Puget Sound FM. “Examining these issues and placing them in historical context through the use of media is perfectly suited to our station and its mission.”

“Taking the High Road” is sponsored by the state’s fourth largest marijuana retailer, Greenside Recreational in Des Moines, Washington. “We wanted to involve the community of marijuana businesses and consumers in this project and Greenside, with their strong commitment to public education and dialogue, is an ideal sponsor,” Jones added.

Greenside’s general manager Josh Cornutt said, “Greenside has sponsored this project in support of our commitment to openly discussing marijuana in Washington state. We are proudly committed to our community and to continuing education about cannabis.”

Greenside Recreational was one of Seattle’s first recreational marijuana facilities, opening in October 2014. The company also operates Greenside Medical in the Lake City area.

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Puget Sound FM is a Seattle-based radio station and media project celebrating pop culture and history through radio. The station takes listeners on a daily curated journey through nearly a century of history-making radio, from the earliest 20th century broadcasts to the streaming stars of today.

Beyond its programming, Puget Sound FM is producing documentaries, mounting educational exhibits and building collections of remastered historic media, all free to the public.

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