Direct Payday Lenders USA Updates Database to Include Interest Rates and Terms of Payday Loan Providers has made it easier for consumers to understand how payday loans work. Their proprietary database of direct payday lenders now shows updated interest rates and payoff terms for companies that offer online payday loans.

Payday loans offer a lifeline for millions of people who because of their credit history or lack of income have no access to short-term cash. The problem is that many companies use a predatory model to trap consumers in a payday loan trap, where they can never pay off their loan. This makes finding an ethical direct lender essential. Direct Payday Lenders USA is an online resource center designed to help people do just that, and has recently updated its database to include information that better breaks down how each lender works and what kind of fees to expect. Ultimately, they leave people with a process that is easier, faster and more accurate.

Their database of direct payday lenders was recently updated to include finance charges and payoff terms for most of the online payday lenders that are currently listed. Most consumers will also notice that terms are broken down for each state as well. This will enable consumers to quickly determine whether or not a specific lender offers a loan in their state. This level of transparency is essential for those looking for the right payday loans direct lender

In addition to these updates, the site has begun to add new articles to their payday loan blog. The payday loan blog is designed to educate and inform individuals as to the best ways in which they can identify the right lender for their needs. Most consumers will waste hours on end looking for online companies that offer direct payday loans, but this website aims to make it as fast and painless as possible. 

A spokesperson for Direct Payday Lenders USA explained, “We decided to make these changes to our database of lenders as a result of stories we read online of individuals who were not finding the best short term lender. Many consumers had outrageous charges upon the completion of their loan agreement, and oftentimes these same people found themselves worse off than before they took out a payday loan. We want to make sure these things never happen, and getting that information front and center instead of hidden in small print is the best way to do that. We continue to lead the way in breaking down all aspects of the payday loan application process and we are sure our latest initiative will empower the public even more.”

About Direct Payday Lenders USA:

Direct Payday Lenders USA assists consumers all across the country in finding the best short term loan for their specific situation. Consumers find the site helpful because the database of direct payday lenders allows them to find the best online loan for what they need. The database of online lenders was first created in 2012 and is updated weekly with the latest providers.

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