Why the Federal Government Should Support and Fund Stem Cell Research

Therefore, it is very critical that the government funds the stem cell studies that have the potential of finding cure for cancer, aids, and age-related diseases.
Stem cells are basically unspecialized cells that have the capability of differentiating to form different specialized cells. This is what distinguishes this type of cell from all the other body cells. Stem cells can be used in several ways. One of these is that it can be used for the treatment of certain illnesses. We as humans know very little and need to research more on the subject to unlock all its secrets that can improve the life of an average human being.

Some of the main reasons as to why the government should advance stem cell research include:

Stem cell therapies – Stem cell therapy can be simply defined as the process of replacing damaged body cells with stem cells. The application of these therapies can be termed as infinite. This is mainly because of the ability of the cells to regenerate and form different body cells.

For instance, if further research can be done in this sector, it will be able to solve the time period and pain people face while waiting for organ transplants. Organ transplant is one of the methods used to solve most cell related diseases. This system is fully functional, the only downfall being that the number of organ donors is extremely low. Stem cells may actually help solve this problem.

Body development – The fact that the human body actually develops from these cells and can be used to treat various diseases is so beneficial. Some of the untreatable diseases are mainly due to abnormal cell function. Further study on stem cells will help researchers get knowledge on the reasons behind the abnormalities of these cells and help treat some of these diseases like cancer.

Defects during birth – One of the medical areas that can be termed as incomplete or unknown are birth defects. Birth defects are common and at times hard to detect and control. Research on stem cell functioning will actually provide knowledge on the chemical triggers that usually cause birth defects. This research can improve the living condition for thousands of children around the world.

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