Dating Test Labs Editor in Chief, Matt Cook, Announces Evolving Man Course Now Available Free

Matt Cook, Editor in Chief of Dating Test Labs, announces the free availability of Evolving Man, the famous beginner’s course for men re-entering the dating world.

The Evolving Man Beginner’s Course from Dating Test Labs is designed to help both men and women find each other in today’s incredibly busy world. The course has been especially popular for men re-entering the dating world.

Dating Test Labs Editor in Chief, Matt Cook said, “Men today are extremely busy and connected via Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging. The result is, that men often find they spend so much time online between their careers and their personal life, they lack the skills needed to get a great girlfriend. And the women they want to connect with have their own careers and busy online lives. Today, as a result, single men and women have perhaps the most challenging time ever in getting together.”

Dating Test Labs has studied and tested various approaches for single men to attract women in an ethical, honest way. The Evolving Man Beginner’s Course is comprised of ten complete videos based on these results, which include topics ranging from, what Cook calls “the adventure date”, to never running out of things to say, and even that first kiss.

Cook feels making the Evolving Man Beginner’s Course available for free to as many men as possible will allow Dating Test Labs to help eliminate a lot of the confusion and misconceptions for men about successfully connecting with the right person in todays busy world.

The Evolving Man Beginner’s Course is produced by Dating Test Labs and features primary author, world famous dating coach Jonathan Green, who has helped over 3000 men, who are no longer single, thanks to his coaching. The course is available now for any man who wants the help, at

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