Corbin Vodka Explains How Family Owned Farms Produce Better Products

Farming techniques have improved resulting in higher yield and healthier products.
It is a tribute to human ingenuity that the system of farming has kept its pace with the increasing agricultural demands even when the rise in the number of farms has not been parallel to the increase in demand.

Farming techniques have improved resulting in higher yield and healthier products. A variety of new techniques have been derived with better resistance to diseases and pesticides which helps produce more yields. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers have become effective, allowing the farmers to produce more crops on a limited farmable land.

However, technology and science have always somewhat lessened the importance of natural and naturally grown products. Where commercial farms have expanded, growing and harvesting more and more crops every season, the concept of family farms has started to diminish. Nonetheless, parallel to such facts reside the fact that overpowers the entire commercially produced product line: Organic products are better, healthier, and more beneficial to the soil and nature.

Following are the few core reasons why family owned farms produce better products:

1. Natural crops are more resilient than GM crops

Organic corn yields were for example 35 percent higher than GM crops in the drought year. Natural crops have more resistance to survive in drought years as compared to the genetically modified crops. Climatic changes though bring uncertainty in the farmlands are better dealt with in family farms than commercial farms.

2. More efficient

For conventional agriculture you need to produce a large amount of oil, have tons of pesticides fertilizers leading to the mass production, the point will be brought to the fact that conventional agriculture consumes for energy than organic farming. Organic farms consume 45% less amount of energy than the conventional settings. The products produced, on the other hand, are more efficient and have better health-related benefits.

3. Healthier soil

The soil is the heart of any farmland. The better the soil, the effective results it will yield. As compared to the conventional lands, family farm lands have better soil which lasts longer and produces better each time. The reasons being is that they are treated without rush, in a manner closest to nature.

4. Keeps the toxins out:

Family farming keeps the toxins out. The environment is safe which eventually leads to a land more beneficial for plants, animals, and human beings. Creating healthier alternatives and also places lesser stress on the environment.

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