The Secret of the Success of Airwheel Electric Scooter for adults

Established in 2013, Airwheel now becomes one of the most successful electric scooter companies in the industry after two years’ development. Why can Airwheel win so many customers from all the competitors? The secret of the success of Airwheel electric scooter will be let out in the following essay.

Airwheel was established two years ago in 2013. Although it is still a young company in the initial stage, it now becomes one of the most successful electric scooter companies in the industry. According to data statistics, the market share of Airwheel electric scooter reached 60% at home and 70% in overseas market in 2014. The products of Airwheel are the best sellers in many shopping websites. Why so many customers were attracted by Airwheel electric scooter? Let’s see the secret of the success of Airwheel electric scooter in the following essay.

Safety is the most important consideration for customers to choose electric unicycle. Airwheel knows this fact clearly and tries its best to provide reliable products for riders. The products of Airwheel had passed the 72 international certifications, including CE, MSDS, State Quality Supervision Bureau, sea transportation and air transportation identification and so on. It is not an easy thing to get so many certifications, which shows the reliable and high quality of Airwheel electric unicycle. What’s more, the build-in intelligent chip of Airwheel electric scooter adopts four levels of protections. They are speed limit protection, low battery protection, charging protection and tilting protection. These comprehensive protections prevent riders from dangers and remove the doubts of customers toward the safety of electric unicycle.

Many customers were attracted by Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter for the reason that Airwheel always uses the best materials to make its products. Take battery as example, Airwheel uses the Sony lithium-ion battery imported from Japan, which is credible and without the danger of burn and explosion. Besides, the shell material of Airwheel electric scooter is also superior. It is the high-tech nanotechnology synthetic resin material. 

This material gathers all the advantages of single materials and avoids their disadvantages. It is burn resistant, impulse force resistant, temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. Customers can ride Ariwheel electric scooter trustingly. 

In conclusion, the advantages of being high quality and safe make Airwheel the most popular electric scooter company. 

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