Personal Transporter Manufacturer Airwheel Intelligent Scooter: Intelligence and Life

Airwheel is different from any other scooter brand that brings people real future development of transportation. This compact, agile, green, and eco-friendly scooter makes life more intelligent and convenient.

2015 is regarded as the first year for the domestic intelligent transport, but many brands haven’t escaped the fate of being a takeover. There are two main reasons for the failure of these brands: the high price, which is difficult to be accepted by the public and the appearance by the public aesthetic. A good brand is bound to conform to the trend and demand of the mass market.

With the self-balancing scooter entering the domestic market, Airwheel actively absorbs the lessons of other brands, starts from the combination with the high technology, and succeeds changing the high prices and old appearance to an intelligent transport, full of fashion, science and technology. 

The reason why Airwheel wins a large number of customers is its core technology of improving the riding experience: comfort and safety, and let this means of transport to play their original role, which is the true embodiment of intelligent life. Airwheel has recognized this point, and tried to develop the product to a practical one. Airwheel has its own core technology, is the first one which has the double hub design and just on Airwheel 2015 new product release conference, A3, with innovative subversive “sitting-posture” model, breaks “the last five kilometers short distance” stereotype, and implies the science and technology of low carbon travel

Airwheel’s chairman, Zuo Guogang, said in an interview: “technology and innovation is the soul of the scooter industry. We are doing this for people’s enjoyment and entertainment, but we will not forget the fundamental, because each a product we make insists on this original intention to provide every scooter lover a better riding experience, scientific and safe. Airwheel intelligent scooter helps you melt into this wonderful experience.” 

Above said so much, in fact, intelligent life is nothing more than two core concepts: intelligence and life. Times will pass, the traces left by our descendants will be verified, and only a brand with strong technical strength and innovative awareness brings people real future development. Airwheel is such product.

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