Ultimate Style Rating Social App GoWemy Will Help You Take Your Style To The Next Level

GoWemy is a fun way to share your style ideas with fashion lovers from all around the world!

GoWemy provides people who are not sure what clothes to wear or to buy with their own fashion consultant. The service provides men and women the advice they need when it comes to fashion where they can avoid serious fashion mistakes.

A new ultimate style rating social app provides men and women with the perfect solution when not knowing what clothes to wear. One of the biggest problems when looking to dress to impress is not knowing if the outfit suits them. The GoWemy Selfie App solves that problem.

GoWemy has been called an important fashion app for people not wanting to go out and wear clothes that do not suit them. It enables members to get an instant and objective reaction about their style and clothing from all around the world.

Not everyone can afford the services of a fashion advisor. However, by wearing the outfit and taking a selfie with the GoWemy App, users can get the reaction from different people around the world. The app allows people to rate what a person is wearing to help them make the right choices when looking to be a fashion stunner on a night out.

“Dino, one of GoWemy founders, has a large circle of friends, and he became to notice that a lot of his friends complain about how hard it is to make a quick choice when it comes to clothing and how it makes them late for appointments and meetings. After few minutes of discussing the issue with us, the idea just out of nowhere – ‘Let’s do the app!’ And we all agreed.” — explains Marin Zlataric, a spokesman and CMO for GoWemy.

Purpose of GoWemy app is to be useful, but in the same time to be user friendly and fun and that is what makes it so appealing to the large audience.

Although the App has been hailed by gadget reviewers and fashion experts, it will not be welcomed by fashion retailers who rely on consumers buying lots of clothes and spending lots of money. Through the app, consumers will be able to stop wasting money on clothes that do not suit them. By trying on the clothes in the retail changing room, and posting a selfie of what they are wearing. They will be able to find out if the clothes they are looking to buy the right ones for them. By using the App, consumers can save a great deal of money and avoid making expensive fashion mistakes.

GoWemy, which is an iOS, Android and Windows Phone App, was created out of the idea to find a solution to stop making fashion mistakes.

All fashion lovers need to do is to take an anonymous selfie and share it on GoWemy. In a matter of seconds, they will get a vote on their clothes, hairstyle, accessories, etc. Additionally, users can vote and follow on other people’s pics to help them look better and inspire their good taste.

GoWemy is offering premium version for free for all subscribers this fall.

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