Readers await the next book after three successful books in the \’Light Warrior Chronicles\’ series

The fourth book “DARK WARRIOR OF DEATH ASCENDS” in the quite popular book series ‘Light Warrior Chronicles’ will be launching soon, said the author Juellen Nelson, who has captivated a number of readers with her series of books based on fantasy and drama.

The first book in the series Guardians Part 1: Light Warrior Chronicles released in the month of May this year and received promising reviews on Amazon. The story revolves around the central character Chasedy Polari who was abandoned on Earth as a toddler to discover herself who she is and what powers she possesses.

Trained from a young age to use weapons, she becomes a master while she interestingly discovers what her purpose is.  The ‘guardians’ Jax, Travis, Kale try to help her get successfully through this journey but ultimately she has to unravel her goal and complete it successfully.The story is fast paced and takes interesting turn of events, with Jax not being happy with the task assigned to him of helping Chasedy in finding her mate, families being violently slaughtered, murders increasing and the protagonist trying to escape and stop this. 

The second book of the series A Master Surprise: Light Warrior Chronicles 1.5 reads about the protagonist Kaci Sanderson, who is an innocent girls raised on a Greek island by her grandmother, but due to her special skill of being able to communicate with animals, she’s targeted by the villagers as well as her own family. Her life changes when she meets Marc and she discovers the power of her abilities however, both of them have a hard time trusting each other. 

After the reader has went through a mystical journey of the fantasyland through the first two books, they can’t resist the third book in the series which is Warriors Descend: Light Warrior Chronicles  (Volume 2)  in which Kale Montgomery must descend to the underworld to save Chasedy’s mate, King of shifters Jaxon McKnight.

Kale discovers that he is a half blood Faey prince but he has to go through the hell of underworld to find McKnight. With no powers in his hands when he’ll be underground he faces a number of deadly, brutal mythological creatures thirsty for his blood.

In an interesting turn of events, Chasedy becomes a walking Nuclear Device and the Oamnian Council fears she’s going to take thousands to innocent lives with her.

The next book in the series Light Warrior Chronicles Series, DARK WARRIOR OF DEATH ASCENDS is set to be released soon and in this book the ‘The Dark Warrior’ is seeking revenge on his former captors that made him the monster he is today. To seek his revenge, he has a mate and a child that he must forfeit.

All the three books are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats with rave reviews from the readers.

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Juellen Nelson leads a simple, quiet life in Idaho. She spends her time writing and enjoying life with her family and friends. She is excited that her co-writer and grandson, Rheynan Cox, writes many of the fight scenes in the LIGHT WARRIOR CHRONICLES Series.

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