Affordable and Eco-friendly Rbike Launched for E-Bike Enthusiasts and Patrons

When it comes to electric bikes, the options for alternative transport enthusiasts are very limited. Rbike, designed by a UK based innovator, was recently launched to woo e-bike patrons.

Affordable and eco-friendly electric bikes are gradually growing in popularity and these are considered the most feasible transit solutions in big cities. Rbike, designed by Witobuy Inc. for replacing fuel-hungry bikes that are commonplace these days, was recently launched at an auto fair in Shenzhen, China. The inventors have fondly dubbed it as the ‘next big thing in alternative private transport’. They have added that the low price of the Rbike is a big reason why they are getting enquiries in bulk from prospective buyers.

Rbike is a revolutionary new electric bike which is powered by a 240w (36V) brush-less motor. According to the innovators, the brush-less motor can result in good power output and minimum maintenance. The bike is capable of propelling a rider at a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour in just 3 seconds. The inventors added that the mechanical suspension front forks can translate into smoother ride and increased control irrespective of the obstacles on the road. They also added that the small block Kenda Eight Tire is highly suitable for uneven, wet or muddy terrains. The disc brakes integrated will help the rider to stop the bike whenever needed, they claimed very recently.

One of the senior engineers from the company recently met the press representatives here in China. He said that the newly incorporated design of the bike frame has added stability to the bike. Besides, the bending part can prevent direct impact to the frame. He claimed that it will boost biker’s confidence. He also added that the 36V 8.8Ah battery enables the bike to run to the extent of 70 kilometres on a single charge. When charge is low, bikers can switch to pedalling. The built-in USB charging port can be effective in charging mobile devices on the move, he added during the press conference.

“We always wanted to build an e-bike which would be suitable for amateur mountain bikers and city commuters alike. We are happy to announce that the bike weighs just 21.5 kilograms and can be a perfect mode of transport on both wet and dirty roads,” the CEO of Witobuy Inc. told the press.

About the Company

Rbike is a pedal-assisted cum semi-automatic electric bicycle invented by a UK based A2B Technical Director.

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