Neurolumen Provides Natural Alternative For Multiple Sclerosis Drugs

Neurolumen offers a natural alternative option to pharmaceuticals for multiple sclerosis and other conditions. The device is FDA approved and covered by Medicare payments.

Oklahoma City, OK – 13 AUGUST, 2015 – Neurolumen LLC and Shelly Henry are pleased to announce that the company has developed a product which is proving to be an effective natural alternative to traditional medical techniques for working with multiple sclerosis patients. Drugs and therapeutic techniques commonly prescribed by medical doctors can quickly deplete the bank account of a patient and often doesn’t do much to help the patient physically. The Neurolumen medical device requires only a few minutes daily, but the results are amazing. 

One user, Christian, describes his experience with the device at “I use the Neurolumen device while relaxing comfortably in my own home. It is painless to use and allows me to again play physical games with my child. My doctors are astonished at the change in my condition. It has given me improved mobility and freedom from pain.”

The FDA-approved device is designed to deliver two different types of healing energy to tissues which are damaged through injuries or disease. Neurolumen combines both electrical stimulation and light therapy to the tissues. This combination is more effective than either technique used separately. The device allows for the elimination of pain medication for many patients. Pharmaceuticals can be harmful to the body, especially if taken over lengthy periods. 

Neurolumen developer Shelly Henry designed the unit to help the recovery of her own daughter who suffered from chronic pain, following an automobile accident. Daughter Kara found relief from her full-body pain after only a short session with the medical device. Its use is currently being explored by the Veterans Administration as part of the therapy for various conditions. 

More details regarding Neurolumen and its effectiveness can be viewed at$100k-month-addiction/392108/ and

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