Oblique Pyramid Launches a Unique Sales and Marketing Service

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‘Marketing’ and ‘Sales’ have traditionally been two separate arms of any B2C organisation and conflating the two has often been seen as being counter-intuitive. ObliquePyramid has now come up with a game changing alternative to this approach by not just integrating these two branches in a new and unique manner, but also by providing a distinctive technique to enhance a brand’s customer base.

It cannot be denied that with the exponential increase of online consumers and customers, a whole new marketing toolkit needed to be developed to cater to this new and formidable customer/consumer base. It has now become imperative to consider this large base in any marketing or sales technique. With the fusion of online transactions, technologists and digital marketers can no longer work in isolation, and must work in an integrated manner to identify Target Buyers, and convince them to buy the product within the extremely small time frame that the online experience allows.

A brand’s engagement with its consumers has changed by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Now consumers need to be provided with more detailed information regarding products in a much shorter short time frame; and also with work-flow and other related information, specifically tailored to the needs of each customer/consumer. It is clearly evident that the quality of engagement drives the quality of sales conversion from marketing. According to Ms. Vandana Rajkhowa, Director, V12Media and Events Pvt. Ltd. (www.obliquepyramid.com), ‘the space of digital marketing is one that is constantly evolving; and it is therefore critical to stay abreast of trends in order to stay ahead in the race. Client-specific innovation and personalised changes that can only be implemented by integrating marketing process and technology is the need of the hour if one is to have any significant impact in online marketing to reach the right audience.’

Having worked in various industries such as Insurance & Financial Services, Education, Mobile Apps, Real-Estate, Healthcare, and eCommerce; ObliquePyramid has been at the cutting edge of innovation and business. It is this definitive insight into the arena of online sales and marketing that gives ObliquePyramid a distinct edge in the otherwise crowded online marketplace. ObliquePyramid has managed to develop its own unique tools and techniques to provide an integrated sales and marketing approach that uses data, analytics, and several other cutting-edge techniques to make online sales more effective. The approach does not judge the growth of a business depending solely on how many customers are attracted to the brand, and depending on this volume to increase sales.

In fact, ObliquePyramid uses several other parameters such as how to increase sales conversion percentages, enhancing word-of-mouth publicity, how to ensure that more customers choose to return to the brand, etc. All of these measures put together provide a holistic growth to the business and the separate improvements and enhancements in each area provide a boost in sales and a reduction in the total cost of customer acquisition.

These models have been tested extensively on several small groups of customers, and a lot of effort has been put into understanding the data and forging appropriate action items for each area. Careful implementation of the resulting processes has shown beyond a doubt that ObliquePyramid is succeeding spectacularly in what they had set out to achieve.

About Oblique Pyramid:

Oblique Pyramid (www.obliquepyramid.com) is a new-age Marketing Process Outsourcing company founded with a vision to deliver transformational business and operational advantages to Start-ups, SME to large multi-nationals. It’s suite of outsourcing services are designed to meet the fast changing needs of new-age businesses and range from one-off marketing projects to end-to-end management of sales and marketing programs and provisioning of outsourced business solutions like go-to-market for new products and services, new markets entry and management of new or existing business and revenue channels

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