Legendary Bengali Actress and sitting AITC MP (Lok Sabha) from West Bengal has achieved the 1st position for utilization of MP lad fund that is 91% in total ratio

“It’s a great news for the fellow citizen of India who lives in West Bengal under 34 Midnapur Constituency has been declared as: 1st position in West Bengal among all the MP’s (Member Of Parliament) for the proper fund utilization of the MPLAD. The stat”

“This success credit goes to secretary Mr.Anirban Bhattacharjee,” said MP AITC Mrs. Sandhya Roy, and she added the statement that “The key person without whom it was never been possible for me to achieve this success. He handled everything with care, supervised it minutely from the sanctioning of money to its proper use for the benefit of the people. I am thankful to him for his tremendous work. May he prosper in life and may God give him more power so that he can use it for the benefit of the people.”

Work is not only completed by sanctioning of M.P lad fund but its total utilization through which people will be benefited must be done. Mr. Anirban Bhattacharjee, my secretary, is doing a great job. Making a team he went to the 14 schools where the fund was given to observe its proper utilization, distribution of computers to the needful  schools, he is a true person  always stands beside the needy people from blood donation to the medical help to thalassemic patients.

Thinking about the people of the area where people have to face great problem during the heavy rainfall a sluice gate with foot bridge work is going on at Mohanpur and in the way of completion, the water which previously remained in the field will be drawn to the reservoir  by which farmers can utilize the water for next few months during the scarcity of water and prawn cultivation will also be done from that water . A water reservoir is being built in Midnapore which will solve the problem of thousands. A project which is going to be implemented will change face of development is “Sampoorna” which will benefit thousand of girls solving their health problems and is totally eco friendly. Women or girls living in the rural and urban both the areas will get a huge benefit. 

Under the supervision of Mr. Anirban Bhattacharjee and Mr. Sona Roy meeting has already been done with the Headmistresses and Lady teachers and co-ed schools, they are very excited and happy to be the part of it and to install it in their schools immediately. The work of distribution of the Flood relief Fund was also done by distributing food, shelter materials, cloths and etc. Anirban is doing a tremendous job and together we are trying to built the the better Midnapore and Bengal, we  also try to establish new schemes for the welfare and benefit of the people and society. As we visited the project areas that is under construction, we have seen the work in running in full swing and being a MP Mrs. Sandhya Roy was there to the work site are and her secretary Mr. Anirban Bhattacharjee was supervising the work, while asking her she replied we are elected by the people — to work for the people. The locals said “Anirban Da always there in need and do the best to the core for the people without any religious bias or any political color.”


(Special Report by Mr. Anirban Bhattacharya, Council of Information and Broadcasting, Delhi)

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