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HOUSTON, TX – August 13, 2015 – Safety expert Bob Swint was recently featured in an article on the safety of the Cyclone roller coaster ride in Coney Island.  Swint states that the Cyclone initial design specifications indicated it reaches a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour, pushing 3.75 g of force into riders.  A former NASA Space Shuttle lead system safety engineer and a lead project engineer in the Apollo program, Swint uses his NASA experience to investigate accidents and to develope methodology towards preventing accidents. This knowledge and experience has made ATA Associates a valuable resource in forensic engineering and consulting.

“At NASA, we went to the moon at an acceleration rate of 3 g,” Swint states, noting that rides like this one are pushing the envelope when it comes to the accelerations that people can safely enjoy. Wooden roller coasters provide a rough ride, which many say increases thrills and adrenaline.

Many roller coaster fans love the classic feel of wooden rides like the Cyclone, which can shake between 6 and 10 inches at the top. Swint says that this shaking is not necessarily hazardous. “It’s a characteristic of the ride. Connoisseurs love it because it feels different than the controlled dynamics of a steel ride.”

Swint is CEO of ATA Associates, a forensic engineering firm based in Houston that investigates the causes of truckingmaritimepetrochemical, and amusement park accidents.The team at ATA Associates has investigated over 5000 accidents since its inception in 1974.

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