Botanipack Helps Dispensaries Navigate Legal Marijuana Packaging Hurdles

Botanipack is the industry’s leading provider of marijuana packaging solutions.

With medical or recreational marijuana legalized in more states than ever before, many dispensaries are having trouble knowing exactly what marijuana packaging laws impact them.

“Without any federal guidelines, states are forced to come up with their own packaging and labeling laws,” says Ryan Bishop with Botanipack Dispensary Solutions. “That means requirements can vary greatly from state-to-state.”

Botanipack helps dispensaries across the country ensure their marijuana packaging is compliant by offering state-specific options.

For instance, Colorado has certain rules requiring childproof packaging while states like Arizona do not. To make things even more confusing, many states tend to alter their packaging laws over time, as new issues pop up.

States also have their own labeling requirements, so California may require a much different warning label than Oregon would.

“Our primary focus at Botanipack is making it easy for dispensaries to find the packaging they need to stay compliant,” Bishop says. “We keep up on the changes in marijuana packaging legal standards so our customers don’t have to.”

Simply having the wrong packaging could subject a dispensary to fines or even put their license in jeopardy.

Botanipack makes it easy for dispensaries to find and order state-specific packaging through the company’s website. Dispensaries can simply click on their state and order with confidence knowing the packaging they receive will be compliant with state laws and regulations.

Because requirements vary so much between states, Botanipack keeps a huge selection of marijuana packaging options in stock. This includes child resistant, heat-sealed and opaque marijuana packaging as required in some states.

To learn more about Botanipack and the custom solutions the company can provide for your dispensary, log onto You’ll find a huge inventory of packaging options as well as other dispensary essentials all in one convenient place. 

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