Monica Carter Couture: fashion and style with a conscience

New clothing line will donate a portion of proceeds to women’s organizations.

Monica Carter has a dream and a purpose.

Her dream is to launch her own fashion line, which is taking place as we speak. It’s called Monica Carter Couture.

Her purpose is to empower women. “I want to ensure that women can feel fabulous and awesome, inside and out, no matter what their physical appearance, ethnicity, culture or environment,” says Carter. “A big part of this new clothing line is creating s platform where I can actively be a part of programs that help women achieve their goals.”

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Toward that end, she is donating a portion of the proceeds from Monica Carter Couture to shelters for battered women and other women’s organizations.

A licensed real estate professional, Carter is using her corporate experience to develop a business strategy that will enable her new venture to not only succeed, but to make an impact on society as well.

“My real estate background has taught me that most people don’t really know what they want,” she explains. “Some people want what they can’t afford. Others don’t even have a sensible view of the market.

“My job right now is to help them have a vision, of themselves and how they can be fashionable. All women can be stylish and sexy because that really comes from within. I’m just going to help them see that.”

At the present time, the Monica Carter Couture line consists of exclusive elegant tops with a few company logos. The goal is expanding the operation to include couture dresses, shoes and much more. You can contribute now by purchasing her exclusive tops, which would assist her with keep the launch of Monica Carter Couture.

“My motto is ‘Pink on High with a Purpose.’ Pink is my favorite color, ‘on High’ is my Christian faith and ‘with a Purpose’ is empowering women.”

For additional information, visit the Monica Carter Couture website,; Facebook,, Twitter, and Instagram,

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