AnyFlip PDF to Flipbook Now Makes Content Easy to Edit and Share

Conversion of PDF to flipbook by AnyFlip makes editing and sharing PDFs much simpler.

AnyFlip proudly introduces PDF to flipbook converting solution. Motivated by the public need for the option to easily edit and improve the functionality of PDF format, AnyFlip has introduced the flipbook format. It not only allows one to edit the PDF documents much more conveniently but also helps to make it more suitable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

PDF is a widely used format for ebooks and other documents, both officially and generally due to its convenience of use. However, PDF documents are not easy to edit and the content can’t be recognized by Google for Search Engine Optimization. Conversion of PDF to flipbooks helps rectify all these shortcomings.

AnyFlip online publishing platform is quite easy to use. People just have to create a free account and upload PDF and an editable and “page-turning” PDF to flipbook is created. Some benefits of the PDF to flipbook conversion include:

i. A Powerful Cloud Server: The publisher can send just the URL of the flipbook instead of sending the PDF file itself.

ii. Conveniently Editable: It simplifies the editing process and the publisher can now interact with document in diverse ways: embedding videos, photos and links right into the PDF.

iii. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): With the help of AnyFlip PDF to flipbook converter the publisher can edit Title and customize the Meta Description with keywords to optimize it for SEO. Moreover, flipbooks are also easily indexed by search engines bringing more traffic to ebook and website.

iv. Personalized Settings: AnyFlip also allows publisher to personalize the functional buttons and color of navigation toolbar.

With its diverse benefits, this new format for PDFs has the potential to revolutionize the ways ebooks have been produced and shared up till now.

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