Using the Lamb to Hide the Wolf – How can you tell if a Christian Drug Treatment Program is actually Christian centered

The quantitative data is validated by the rise of the growing digital search audience that is seeking out so-called “Christ” centered drug and alcohol treatment programs.
Christian Drug Treatment programs are on the rise. Large numbers of Believers of the Christian faith have less than faithful hope in the process of drug recovery change of the standard secular programs mainly available to those afflicted with Addiction.

The quantitative data is validated by the rise of the growing digital search audience that is seeking out so-called “Christ” centered drug and alcohol treatment programs.  However, apparent desperate need may at times attract those that aim to mislead.

According to Wikipedia, one third of the world’s population is Christian at 31.5%.  Christianity had the count up to 2.10 billion as of 2010.  According to CNN, Christians will total 2.96 Billion by the year 2050. Their massive global members contain faith-based individuals who struggle with addiction and according to a growing voice, seek treatment processes that are steeped in their religious tenets.

Faith based search is growing in velocity quarter over quarter and so are the Christian based treatment centers.

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback church located in Lake Forest California, and best selling author of The Purpose Driven Life was one of the driving forces behind a Christian based 12-step movement named Celebrate Recovery.  Founded in 1990 from the steps of their local Church, pastors Rick Warren and John Baker touched a vein and currently their program is promoted in 14 languages within a network of 20,000 churches worldwide.

The vote is in.  Christians trust their belief and a large number of them would like to have faith based recovery for rehabilitation.  The watchers are in the know and are starting to exploit the development.  Bobby Nicholl, interventionist and the Co Founder of Celebrate Hope in San Juan Capistrano, a Christian based recovery center inspired and guided originally by Pastor Rick Warren explains, “Our center has a full time Pastor, true faith involved treatment methods and embodies actual Christ centered recovery.  Too many other ‘So called, Christian Centers’ are actually just secular groups that tout the monogram but not the ideology.” He went on to describe how members of the Christian faith will believe that their loved one is on route to the correct type of recovery only to find out that the advertising, intake person and ultimately the leadership had committed spiritual fraud simply to get another client into treatment.

So what do you look for to make sure that you are actually interacting with a truly faith based treatment center?  Does the center have full time on staff Pastors?  Does the center offer faith follower counseling and ultimately who or what is the Higher Power that they invoke for change?

The heated cauldron of debate about which solution is “Best Practice” when it comes to long term drug or alcohol recovery will probably live long and prosper.  That said, there seems to be a recovery program for that matches individual precepts and the solution to a perfect match is diligent questions and research.  So before the 1st step of recovery can be taken it appears there is a 1st step 1st step and this action is background checks.

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