Authority Architect, Neil Howe, To Release New Book — Foundation: A Blueprint For Building A Solid Business — In August 2015

Be on the lookout for a new book by Authority Marketing Expert, Neil Howe which will be released from A.C.E. Marketing later this month. In this how-to, insider’s guide Howe offers a mix of step-by-step advice, tips and tricks and the “read deal” on what it takes to get known as the go-to expert in any field. Howe’s method works for any industry, it’s easy and it’s fast! Well-known politician Bob McDonnell once said, “Success in business today requires real-time, mobile access to business opportunities.” Howe’s book explains how to find those business opportunities just by being known as an expert and authority in a field.

Author June Cline, CSP writes, “If you do not ‘know’ Neil Howe and his expertise in positioning your greatness, then you are losing value, time and ground of being known as THE expert in your field. You will ‘like’ Neil and the services he provides to bring you and your business to Celebrity Authority status. ‘Trust’ me when I tell you the Buzz and Benefits you will receive from Neil’s genius are worth every dollar spent to elevate your image. Our project with Neil resulted in reaching Amazon #1 Best Seller for our book, Happiness Recipe: Whippin’ up wit, wisdom and wonderful food! Neil Howe takes the time-tested sales formula, “know, like, trust,” to new heights as he elevates you and your business to celebrity status. I cannot recommend more highly the genius and expertise of Neil Howe and his new book: Foundation: A Blueprint For Building A Solid Business.

About the Author

Neil Howe, author and founder of A.C.E. Marketing is an online media strategist who works with business owners to create a platform of authority for their marketing and advertising. He is a best-selling author, contributor to CNN, USA Today as well as Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine. Neil has been working to help businesses build a solid foundation of authority and give them the platform they need to explode their business in ever more competitive markets.

He delivers an eye opening look at the core of all business – positioning and authority, and teaches the secrets to acquiring it, keeping it and using it to build a stand out business, increase prices, and attract more high paying clients that generate referrals. The book provides the time-tested strategies required to build trust and goodwill in an understandably skeptical world, and in turn, attract more business and profits while creating a family legacy.

Foundation: A Blueprint For Building A Solid Business is available online in Kindle and Print format at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and through other online retailers. 


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