Enriching Life with Airwheel Electric Self-balancing electric scooters with seat

Airwheel electric scooter provides various riding experience for people with its diversified types of scooters. In fact, riders can feel different riding pleasures from the differentiated types of Airwheel scooters that enrich people’s riding life significantly.

Basically, there are three types of Airwheel riding styles. The first style of Airwheel riding is playable riding for fun, And this type of riding style is well reflected in Airwheel single-wheeled and twin-wheeled self-balancing scooters. Riding Airwheel single-wheeled electric scooter with standing-posture can bring unique pleasures for many riders, especially for those who love adventures and playing stunts. For those riders, Airwheel riding style is equal to thrilling and adventurous and they are willing to develop a proficient riding skills and showcase how well they can play with the scooter. Look at those young boys who catch eyeballs for their cool and attractive Airwheel riding postures.


The second type of Airwheel riding is steering-like, which is the riding style with Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter. Unlike single-wheeled electric scooter, Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter is equipped with two handles with which riders can control the direction of the scooter. Many people find riding Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter is superior to car driving. Riders can easily control the scooter by two handles. Like car driving, the two handles are like wheels in a car. Besides, riding Airwheel two-wheeled scooter is much easier since riders do not need to keep balance. That’s why Airwheel S series electric scooter can generate such high popularity.


The last type of Airwheel riding is born with the invention of Airwheel A3 electric scooter. Airwheel A3 is the first type of Airwheel electric scooters that supports sitting-posture ridings. Riders do not need to keep standing while riding and are able to ride the scooter easily. Unlike traditional bicycling which requires people to pedal all the way around, Airwheel A3 electric scooter can be regulated by physical movements as well. Riders can move or retreat the scooter by back and forth leaning, making entire riding experience easy and pleasant. This type of Airwheel riding is more labor saving and relaxing, focusing on providing great convenience for people. 

Truthfully, different people will find their own way of Airwheel riding and start Airwheel riding for different reasons and interests.

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