Mississippi Onward PAC Created To Change The Mississippi Flag

The Mississippi Onward PAC has been created to wage a campaign for a change to the Mississippi Flag.

JACKSON, Mississippi – The Mississippi Onward PAC announced today that it is raising funds via a donation  crowdfunding campaign on Indegogo to kickoff  their media campaign to change the Mississippi Flag. The PAC set out to raise $25,000 on its Change The MS Flag! campaign page to create a public awareness campaign designed to generate statewide support for a new flag to represent all Mississippians.

Erik Fleming, a former member of the Mississippi Legislature and a director of the Mississippi Onward PAC, said, “Our goal is to change the Mississippi Flag, a goal that was deterred fourteen years ago, but now has come before us again. In 2001, the supporters of a new flag wanted to run a stealth campaign, and the result was a disaster, culminating in the lowest voter turnout for a statewide election/referendum in modern history. We will not make that same mistake again. We will be as vocal as the opposition, because we believe we are fighting for Mississippi’s future, not idolizing our state’s turbulent past. A new flag will represent how far we have come and will provide economic opportunities previously denied us.”

Fleming went on to say that this 527 PAC will be different than most PACs people in the political world has become accustomed to since the Citizens United ruling. “This PAC will be a grassroots effort from like minded citizens, home and abroad, who believe symbols of divisiveness should be relics of history, and symbols of diversity and democracy should have prominence. This is not a PAC totally funded by some secretive billionaire trying to push a personal agenda. This PAC will be an example of how citizens that desire change can make actually make a difference, not just for today but for future generations.”

The Mississippi Onward PAC was set up in June of this year for the sole purpose of, according to its website, www.msonward.org, “changing the state flag.” The PAC has a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and seeks to raise enough funds to launch a “successful campaign, through mainstream media, social media, and grassroots organizing, to influence our state leaders…”

The Mississippi Onward PAC has gone on record to ask Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) to call a special session of the Legislature to deal strictly with the flag controversy, something that the Governor has not expressed any interest in doing at this time.

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Erik R. Fleming, Director

Mississippi Onward PAC




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