Earth’s Best Pest Control Publishes Warning Of Increased Infestations As Wet Season Hits Orlando Florida

Earth’s Best Pest Control is warning of an increase in pest infestations as the extended period of rain in Florida drives insects to the warm and dry interior of homes.

Over a week of flooding downpours has assaulted the state of Florida to get August off to a soggy start. These extreme rainy conditions not only cause an increase in flooding, but also invite an extreme increase in bug invasions, as insects of all varieties seek refuge from the elements in human homes. This is a huge inconvenience as well as a potential health risk, and homeowners need to deal with it quickly and effectively. Orlando pest control company Earth’s Best offers a fast and effective extermination service that is also environmentally friendly.

Their unique Orange Oil compound uses Florida’s own oranges to distil a pesticide that is pet and child friendly while remaining 100% effective against common infestations, from ants and mosquitoes to cockroaches and bed bugs. The company offers tailored programs of pest control in Tampa and throughout the whole of central Florida.

Earth’s Best are now warning homeowners to be prepared, as extreme weather events like those of the last week have historically always been accompanied by plagues of insects on the move due to atmospheric pressure and humidity. Individuals will need the help of a better business bureau accredited, certified pest control operator. With their green approach, they are able to fulfill all tasks effectively and responsibly.

A spokesperson for Earth’s Best Pest Control explained, “This weather has been horrendous, but what is to follow could be even worse. Many are no doubt already suffering from infestations, in which case they need the help of a company with over twenty years active experience in responsible pest eradication. We have been working hard to expand our service areas and ensure more of central Florida benefits from our environmentally friendly pesticides, and that infrastructure could now come into its own as a new peak season for insect infestations begins.”

About Earth’s Best Pest Control

Earth’s Best Pest Control has been operating since 1994 serving Tampa Bay, Orlando and all of central Florida providing the most up to date natural pest control services available. They create their pest control formulas using only naturally derived ingredients drawn from Florida’s own oranges, and lead the field in effective pest control in central Florida. 

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