Ride into the smart era of scooter with Airwheel intelligent self balancing scooter review

Nowadays, there are many aspects of our lives undergoing dramatic changes. Generally speaking, our society is getting more and more smart and intelligent. People can almost control all their electric devices through one button. Now, the scooter can also be controlled through smart phone.

People can imagine that one day they can turn on their air conditioner, connect their PC to the internet and download the TV series; besides, they can just heat the shower water on the way home and make the water start boiling. What a convenient way of life. Nowadays, people can just control their electric scooter in the same way.


The newest Airwheel scooter is always surprising. It is equipped with extra-large LED screen through which people can easily monitor all the data change of the scooter. In that way, controlling the scooter become more and more convenient. What is more, the riders can download the specially designed APP from internet on your smart phone. Then they can turn on or shut off the power through mobile. If the self-balancing scooter is laid at somewhere not near the rider, the riders can locate the scooter through GPS and the APP on smart phones. From this aspect people should not worry about the scooter being stolen. 

In this way, our riders can control their self-balancing scooter any time through a slight press on the smart phone. Before doing all the things above, riders can just turn on their scooter and control while on the ride.


What is smarter is that the whole configuration of Airwheel scooter. Taking S5 as example, this type can be rated as the most intelligent one among all the scooters. In order to make sure that your ride to smart era would not break down halfway, S5 is outfitted with a kind of 680 w/h battery with a much longer range and service life. Cause the battery is so important. There are multi-aspects of protections for the battery—especially the low battery protection that can efficiently protect the scooter from being damaged for the careless of riders’ over discharge. In that way the scooter can attain a longer service life. 

The smart era is just around the corner. People are all eager to embrace the era of smart control. Therefore just ride into the smart era on Airwheel.

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