Do not Worry about Staying out Late with an Airwheel self balancing skateboard

Most young men like to hook up during the night at the club or bar. They may stay up very late and they often have some alcohol. Under this condition, driving home seems impossible and unsafe and is even illegal. How to solve this problem? Let Airwheel make a difference.

During holiday, many young men would hang out in the bar and club, singing and dancing, drinking and eating. They would stay up to very late. How to get home is a realistic problem. Driving home is impossible and unsafe. In some states, driving under this condition can even be illegal. How to make parents not worry about the safety of their children? People may find that Airwheel can easily solve this problem.

For that young people can put the scooter in their car and drive to club or bar. After they leave the party in midnight, they can just take the scooter out of the trunk and ride it home safe and sound. 

People may wonder how the scooter can protect young man. Airwheel S3 self-balancing electric unicycle is equipped with the best humanized design and replaceable super-large screen. What is more, the handles are covered by silica gel and there are bumper strip on the back of the scooter. All the nuanced and delicate designs are all for rider’s satisfactory in the riding. It differs from other scooter with the two-wheeled design. Its self-weight is only 22.4kg, which is lighter than the two-wheeled bicycle. The Airwheel S3electric scootercan reach the maximum speed of 18km/h, and the range can be 65km. 

All these designs can make sure that the riding is safe and stable, besides the bump protection, the scooter would shut down its power immediately when it’s over tilting. In that way, it can protect the young man from being hurt by hitting on the ground or by the high-speed spinning wheel of the scooter.

What is more, the parents can connect their smart phone with the self-balancing scooter to get information from the APP at real time. In this way, the parents can easily handle the change of the situation when young people are on their way back home.

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