Dynamic Blending Specialists start a fund raiser for their new laboratory

Established and profitable company Dynamic Blending Specialists (DBS) are now aiming for upgrading to a new and better laboratory, for which they have started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

With increasing demand for their services the company realized a need for better laboratory and equipments. The number of staff will also be increased as the company will move to a larger facility. The money raised from the campaign will be utilized to buy those equipments and bear the cost of moving into a larger facility with increased number of staff.

DBS will also be offering exciting perks and rewards for the backers, one of them being a huge discount on development fees if someone wants to get a product developed and promises to continue the discounts in case of a long term association for business.

DBS is also planning to go green as they become a member of the Natural Products Association (the NPA, not the NRA). The company’s aim is to transform the cosmetic industry by keeping quality as the top parameter and developing natural and organic products which can be made available at Whole Foods and other health-related retailers.

The company aims to develop products which not just work from the outside but from the inside to revitalize and rejuvenate customer’s skin and body. They have many years of experience in creating cosmetic and personal care products and best known as a developer/formulator of natural cosmetic products, essential oil blends, and other natural skin care products.

DBS offers products in categories like lotions, masks, creams, sunscreens, shampoos, anti ageing serums, mouthwash, toners, body wash and many more. DBS holds expertise and experience in new formula development, reverse engineering of existing formulas, Private label manufacturing, Creation of Process Documentation, Analytical Testing, Specification & Test Method Setup, Sourcing Raw Chemicals and a lot more.

DBS is well known among the business men who want to get their product developed which fall under personal care, oral care, cosmetics etc. and with their team of chemists, process engineers, and project managers with years of experience they promise to provide the best outcome to the client.


Media Contact
Company Name: Dynamic Blending Specialists.
Contact Person: Steve Wilson
Email: steve.wilson@dynamicblending.com
Phone: (801) 441-6140
Country: United States
Website: dynamicblending.com